Rodeo & Volunteer Info

While we are still 9 months out from our rodeo, the following is our preliminary information and is subject to change. We expect that Covid-19 restrictions may well be in place such as wearing masks and keeping 6 feet social distancing. NSGRA will work with the Minnesota Department of Health to ensure the safety of all who participate. This may include restricting certain areas of the viewing stands and limiting the number of people at the Saloon at a time.


The North Star Regional Rodeo is a family friendly event that is free to children 12 and younger when accompanied with an adult.

Advance tickets are only $10.00 each day and $15.00 each day at the gate. Please check back for more information.


NSGRA welcomes and appreciates our unsung heroes —volunteers! We can’t host our rodeo without your generous donation of time, Work a 4 hour shift and your rodeo admission is complimentary! You will also have access to complimentary nonalcoholic beverages and food. We also have a few key volunteering positions such as working on the chute or arena crew or being an event timer that requires a two day commitment. You get to wear a really cool timer vest and will earn praise and admiration from all you meet—perhaps. Please email to offer your help. Are you a super volunteer? Two of our most active volunteers will earn more than our thanks. We have a silver belt concho and silver volunteer buckle with the same design as our event buckles. Criteria for these awards include total hours of volunteering and positive attitude. We need help with set up and tear down and those those count, too.


The rodeo is great entertainment with both traditional rodeo events such as bull riding and barrel racing and our own unique camp events that are crowd pleasers. We have food and beverages both alcoholic and non alcoholic available. We also have vendors that you can purview during set up time between events. Our rodeo traditionally offers a dance floor and country music at our tent at the rodeo grounds on both Saturday and Sunday but this is subject to change due to Covid-19 restrictions. We may also have dance opportunities after registration from 8-10PM Friday night at the Saloon and after the awards ceremony ends on Sunday night at the Saloon depending on Covid-19 restrictions. Saturday night features a show with fine entertainers from across the United States again possibly facing pandemic restrictions. The Saloon is located at 9th and Hennepin in downtown Minnapolis. If you are interested in being an entertainer or vendor at our rodeo please e-mail


SCHEDULE OF EVENTS - for rodeo weekend.  
** This is tentative and will be updated as the rodeo weekend approaches.
*** Subject to cxhange or restrictions due to state Covid-19 restrictions 


They say in Minnsota that we have two seasons--winter and road construction. Our rodeo is not held in winter! Whether you are driving to our host hotel, the Saloon or the Dead Broke Arena in Hugo, MN, please take time to use your favorite mapping app and avoid unneccssary delays.

We crunched the numbers from 2016 and compared the price increases in providing bus service from downtown Minneapolis to the rodeo grounds and relucantly concluded that we cannot justify the expense this year. Recognizing that not everyone drives or owns a car, we would like to facilitate ride sharing. If you are willing to play chauffer/taxi driver or need a pick up, please e-mail as early as possible before rodeo weekend. We will do our best to match those needing help to those willing to help. Some drivers may choose to serve a particular area or offer a pick up by a particular landmak and will expect the rider to meet them there. NSGRA is simply playing match maker and cannot guarentee a ride. Riders will need to return with their driver unless they find someone at the rodeo to get them back.


Rodeo Event Order



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NSGRA is to operate as a tax exempt organization under 501©(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, assisting local communities and charities through support, education, and fundraisers while providing a friendly environment for all persons to participate in and learn about western lifestyles and skills.


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